Removing a tree from your space is only half the battle, and if you have had any experience with it before, you will also know that it’s the easiest part of any tree removal project. The next stage in our range of solutions is getting rid of the stump that has now been left behind. Now we do have clients who want to leave it where it is, but for those of you who would like to get rid of it, we have a range of stump removal and grinding solutions which are guaranteed to get the job done, no matter what it takes.


We are sure that before you called us, you looked at the stump in question and thought to yourself, how hard can it be? Now we are sure you tried everything you could and bought all the DIY solutions you could find. We are also sure that none of them worked, and all you did was waste more of your time and money. Instead of allowing yourself to fall into this trap, like so many before you, we would suggest you just pick up the phone and call us from the start. We guarantee the stump will be gone in no time.


We are almost certain that most of you have a rough idea of what a stump grinder looks like, and most importantly you know what it has to do. Knowing this, we are not going to bore you with the details of how our impressive machines work. Rather we are going to tell you that we have a variety of sizes, each designed to do a specific job. No matter the size of the stump in question, in our expert’s hands, our top-of-the-range stump grinders will chew through them like a hot knife through butter.

Removal Methods

To ensure that we would be able to rise to any challenge you threw before us, we first had to make sure that we could offer all the techniques needed to handle any project. This is why our stump removal solution includes digging it out and of course our grinders. We can also try burning it, and if that does not work, and you are not in a hurry, we have what we like to call the low and slow method. Essentially this means we will use chemicals to rot the stump away over time.

Don’t Wait

So as we mentioned earlier, we have a few clients who think that leaving the stump where sounds like a good idea. Now we will be the first to admit that in certain settings they will add some aesthetic appeal. But we guarantee there will be a trade-off. Leaving the stump to its own devices means you are sending an open invitation to all sorts of critters, bugs, and bacteria. You are also putting the rest of your property at risk should they decide to spread. So rather than taking this chance, just let us take care of the stump once and for all.