We are sure you have a few hedges that form part of your green space. Now whilst these are for filling in gaps and creating natural barriers, they need to be kept in check. To help you do this, we would like to introduce you to our hedge trimming and shaping solution. It allows us to put our creativity on display, and you will be amazed at the things our highly trained experts can do. No matter the type of hedge you might have, we assure you that we have the right solution to give you precisely what you want.

The Right Tools

No matter what service or solution one is trying to deliver, if you do not equip yourself with the right tools, not only will it be harder to complete the job, we can all but guarantee it will not look as good as it would of. To ensure this does not happen to us, we have made sure that our highly trained experts have all the tools at their disposal that they will need to provide you with the hedge trimming and shaping solution you so very much deserve. To see for yourself what they are working with, give us a shout today.

Formative Trimming

This may sound all fancy, but it is just the term we use in the industry when we are describing the type of trimming solution which is designed to shape the overall look and feel of your hedge. Now, this is completely different from maintenance trimming, and because you are doing so much work on the plant, we have found that the best time to attempt this solution would be near the end of winter or in early spring. Doing it like this means any growth that takes place will happen where you want it to happen.

Maintenance Trimming

We have already run through the meaning of formative trimming, and all it has to offer. Now we would like to shift our attention to the maintenance needs of your hedges during the growing months. Depending on the species we are dealing with, we have found that a bi-weekly, or bi-monthly maintenance solution is best suited to keeping your hedges in shape. This service can always be combined with one of our many others which essentially means you can kill two birds with one stone. For more information, you are more than welcome to give us a shout right away.


Many DIY enthusiasts seem to think that all it takes to trim and eventually shape a hedge is a pair of clippers and a few cold ones. Well, we will admit that this sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon, hedge shaping is about so much more than that. One not only needs the right tools, but you need to know when to cut, and most importantly, where to cut. You also need to make sure you have a vision in mind, a goal of sorts to which you can work towards. Luckily our experts have all these skills and so much more.