We are almost certain that we were not the first site you clicked on, but what we are certain of is that we will be the last. You are about to start a journey that will take you onwards towards tree nirvana, and we promise that we will be there every step of the way to make sure you get precisely what you want and so much more. To start with, we would like to invite you to get to know us a bit better by running through our website. Here you will find enough information to convince you that you are dealing with the best of the best.

Penticton Tree Services offers a wide range of services for all your tree service needs. From routine maintenance and cleanup, to storm damage removal – we’ve got you covered! We know that there are many options when it comes time choose the right company in Penticton but our goal isn’t just offer good service at an affordable price; rather create lasting relationships with local homeowners by providing dependable workmanship on every job site no matter how large or small they might be

Removing Tree Branches

About Our Team

The need for us to stand head and shoulders above the rest is what has driven us to where we are today. Our ability to go the extra mile without having to be asked, combined with our traditional quality and consistency has made us a mainstay across the province. Add to this our extraordinary ability to connect with our clients, and you quickly begin to see what all the fuss is about. We promise that if you give us a chance, we will prove to you we were the right choice. Now go have a look at our services to see what we are capable of.

Loading old sawn trees are being removed in cities
One way to protect your home from hurricane damage is to properly trim trees around your home

Our Services

Offering anything less but the best is just not good enough for the folks we have here at Penticton Tree Service Pros. Our entire reputation has been built on our ability to just say yes. No matter what the project might be, no matter how daunting it may appear, we have a die-hard attitude that will not allow us to fail. Once again we can assure you that when it comes to quality and consistency you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Now we need you to go look at what we have to offer right away.


We may offer this solution, but we need you to know that we will do everything to save your tree, especially the dying ones. We do however accept that sometimes the tree needs to go, and when this moment arrives, trust us when we say that you will want us by your side. No tree is too big or too small. So give us a shout today to book your spot, and hurry, they are filling quickly.

Penticton Tree Service


Many people do not know the difference between pruning and trimming, but fortunately for them, and you, we do. Now it is not always immediately apparent to the untrained eye which of these are needed, but lucky we have extremely well-trained eyes, and all you have to do is give us a shout, and our highly trained, friendly experts will gladly do the rest. We promise you will be blown away by our abilities.

Tree service worker arborist pruning large branches and cutting down large maple tree with chainsaw
Tree cutters pruning of trees


Our pruning solutions have been known to win awards, and we assure you that if you allow us to show you what we are made of, your trees will always look their absolute best. Our expert’s eye and gentle touch will give them everything they need and so much more. To see this in person, the only thing we need you to do is give us a call today. We promise you will not regret it.


We know for a fact that we are only one of a few businesses that offer this solution, and just like all our solutions and services, we are by far the best. The amazing shapes and designs we can achieve will boggle your mind, and with a little bit of patience and care, you will have a spectacular piece of living artwork as the centerpiece of your green space.

Removing Tree Branches


Hedges make up an important part of most modern gardens. They are designed to be both aesthetically pleasing, whilst at the same time giving you practical solutions. Now to ensure you strike the right balance, they need to be shaped and kept in check, and yes you guessed it, we have just the range of solutions to make sure this becomes a reality. See for yourself today by giving our experts a call.


Looking for the Best Tree Service in Penticton? Here are Top 10 Reasons to let Tree Service Penticton look after your Trees:

10. You may need assistance.

Let’s face facts, you don’t want just anyone to care for your tree. You want the best. Tree Service Penticton BC is the best! For years of enjoyment, we can help you maintain your shade trees. We can help you remove a dead tree safely and clean it up afterward.
Tree Service Penticton is here to help, no matter what tree situation you have. Tree Service Penticton is proud to take care of trees. Tree surgeons and arborists are highly trained and use the most advanced equipment and methods to remove trees quickly and safely. We have a 100% client satisfaction rate.

9. Penticton Tree Service offers a variety of services

Tree Service Penticton can handle any size shrub or redwood! You’re correct, there aren’t any redwood trees in Penticton, but we can take care of the largest trees! We can help you with everything, from trimming your hedges to perfection to preventing them from crashing into your roof, to removing large old growth branches that have reached their end of life, we can do it all. We have many tree services that will fit your needs.

You can count on us, even if you are looking for the best Penticton firewood company.

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with at least one of our services! Our arborists will be available to evaluate your treescape for free and discuss possible service options.

8. Our Core Values for Tree Care

Tree Service Penticton is dedicated to its customers. These core values are what we strive to live up to.

* Our best interest is your trees
* Your safety and security
* Property protection
* Safety of our workers
* Performing the task correctly

These are the guidelines for our professional tree-cutting services. Tree Service Penticton will take care of these areas so that you don’t have any to worry about. This is how we do it!

7. Complete list of tree services Penticton BC

Here is a complete listing of Tree Service Penticton’s services for Penticton BC, and surrounding areas of Peachland BC ,Summerland BC, Naramata BC, Trout Creek and more

Commercial Tree Services
Tree Removal
Stump Removal
Tree cutting
Tree Trimming
Tree Pruning / Tree Surgeon
Bracing and Tree Cabling
Residential Tree Services
Tree Crown Thinning
Tree Crown Reduction
Brush Clearing/Land Clearing
Wood Chipping
Storm Cleanup
Tree Felling
Preventative Tree care

6. We are trustworthy

We are sure you’ve thought of hiring a tree company. Tree Service Penticton will be there as soon as possible after you call us. We know that waiting is not an option in today’s modern world. Therefore, we send an arborist to your location immediately.

As with all businesses, we can send an arborist tree specialist right away if work is slow. We will also be working overtime to ensure that every tree care customer is taken care of during storms. However, you can rest assured that we will get back to you promptly. We value each and every one of you and will take care of your needs!

5. We offer same-day service

There is nothing better than calling up and asking for tree service. The tree care company Penticton BC will come out the same day. We understand that sometimes you may have the same tree service need or request. We are passionate about serving our customers as best we can.

Our clients can move on with their lives by having trees removed from their driveways. If a tree or branch falls on your property or home, we offer same-day service.

4. You need someone who is obsessed with details.

Have you ever watched someone do something and wished you could do it for them? We know that our clients view their home as their biggest investment. You can rest assured that when you hire us to do tree services in Penticton BC you will be able to trust our attention and treat your investment with respect.

Tree Service Penticton is the right choice if you are looking for someone to protect your home from fallen trees. When discussing the services required to maintain your trees around your house, we will be straightforward. You will understand what is going on. You will be part of the process, as we know all the details.

3. We are professionals.

We are professionals who will take care of tree removal in Penticton BC. Let us do our best work!

Tree Service Penticton can provide professional tree services in Penticton BC, including stump removal, tree removal and tree pruning.

2. We truly care about trees.

You might be surprised to learn that many tree removal companies Penticton do not care about the trees they are servicing. They see it as another job. We are different! Tree Service Penticton takes care of every tree removal, tree trimming and hedge trimming job. Tree removal is our specialty, but we also offer tree care services. We’d rather save a tree than remove it. Although it sounds bad business, that is exactly what we do. We are Penticton’s tree experts.

1. We are from the Okanagan


“Coming home one evening after a nice family dinner, we found one of the palm trees in our driveway had collapsed. Luckily we knew just who to call, and in no time they had the mess cleaned up. What could have been a disaster was merely an inconvenience thanks to them.” – V.Lenny

“We have been using you guys for a while now, and to be honest, we have been waiting for the penny to drop. Alas you have knocked every challenge out of the park that we have given you, and we cant wait to see what you come up with the next time we need you.” – T.Riley

“I have been having an argument with my wife for 5 years now about the stump in our garden. Finally, my excuse that I was letting it happen naturally wasn't funny anymore, so I decided to give you a call. You got the job done, and now my wife can start on her next project.” – H.Miles


Making sure you get precisely what you want and need is our only goal, and we hope that we have been able to bring this across to you through our website. Now that you can see for yourself that we are serious about what we do, we want you to take the next step and get in touch with us today. Use whatever method suits you best, but we promise that once you see what we are capable of, you will not be disappointed. So hurry up, our experts are waiting and spots are filling up quickly.